About us

WWW. WAIMAOTONG. Com is a comprehensive foreign trade service platform established and operated by Zhejiang Foreign Trade Internet Technology Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of Zhonggefu Group.

The website service utilizes leading dynamic search and matching technology to solve the problem of precise marketing of small and medium-sized enterprise products and precise customer satisfaction. Committed to breaking down barriers between suppliers and purchasers, improving overall supply chain services, and creating communication channels for small and medium-sized enterprises both domestically and intermationally.

The platform provides you with over 40 different categories of hundreds of millions of products, covering the felds of consumer electronics, machinery, and cloth- ing. The buyers of these products come from various regions across the country, exchanging hundreds of thousands of messages with suppliers on the platform every day. As a platform, we will continue to develop services to help businesses do more and discover new opportunities.

Adhering to the core value of "service oriented, customer achievement and self cultivation", we are dedicated to providing simple, reliable and reliable Internet marketing and promotion services for every small and medium- sized enterprise. We continuously pursue excellence and strive to build the platform into the most reliable comprehensive foreign trade service platform for small and medium-sized enterprises!


About us


网站服务运用领先的动态搜索和匹配技术来解决中小企业产品的精准营销,精准客户的问题。致力于打通供应商和采购商之间的壁垒,完善供应链整体服务,为国内外 中小企业创建交流渠道。

平台为您提供超过40种不同类别的数亿种产品,涉及到消费电子产品,机械和服装等领域。这些产品的买家来自于全国上下各个地区,每天在平台上与供应商交换数十 万条消息。作为-个平台,我们将继续开发服务,以帮助企业做更多事情并发现新机遇。