Is it better to brush with PP or nylon?

2022-08-03 Writer:default
Recently, a netizen asked us whether PP or nylon is better for brush hair? Many people don't know the difference between these two materials? PP bristle density
Low hardness, high acid and alkali resistance, water absorption is smaller than that of nylon bristles, while nylon bristles are moderately soft and hard, with better wear resistance, bending resilience and temperature resistance than PP, and the price is similar
PP bristles are more expensive.
Is it better to brush with PP or nylon? It depends on the purpose and working environment of the brush. If it is an ordinary cleaning brush without too many requirements, choose PP bristles
However, if the brush needs wear resistance, good toughness, high and low temperature resistance and durability, it is recommended to choose nylon bristles. Of course, the specific situation needs specific analysis. If you are not clear, you can consult
Professional factory personnel generally recommend appropriate bristles according to products.