High temperature brush

2022-05-12 Writer:default
This type of brush is a high-temperature resistant brush, metal base and nylon high-temperature resistant brush wire, which can last for 180 degrees without deformation and bending. Suitable for oven, boiler steam protection. In addition, our factory can also produce
For the brush processing other materials, the types and uses of industrial brushes are distinguished from the manufacturing process.
1. Horse nail machine hair planting brush: compared with the traditional brush making process, after punching the surface of the brush roller or brush plate, the horse nail hair planting machine is used to implant the brush hair into the brush roller or brush plate in a bunch
The brush products made by this process are widely used. First, the cost is low. As a consumable, the cost must be considered.
2. Spring brush: the brush roller made of spring brush technology solves the problems of high density and strong fastness. During manufacturing, the bristles are made by pressing a steel wire into the aluminum strip or stainless steel strip through the strip brush equipment
The strip brush is then wound on the roller shaft, and the two ends are welded firmly by sub pot welding. In some special industrial production, it is also necessary to make a spring brush with fixed clearance, because special effects such as dust removal should be considered
3. Tablet pressing brush: it is to closely arrange the brush wires together, and then put them into a specific mold. The steel sheet is used to form a piece of brush wheel through the stamping mechanism. When making the brush roller, multiple pieces of brush wheels can be connected in series
Connected together and fixed on the roller shaft, the brush wire density of the brush made by this process can be high, but the disadvantage is that the cost is high and the manufacturing aging rate is slow.
4. Injection molding brush: it is to arrange the brush wires into a special mold, and then use injection molding to integrate the brush wires with the brush plate to form a body. The advantage of this process is the combination of brush hairs
The force is high because it has been integrated with the brush plate. At present, the sweeping brush of sanitation vehicle is made by this process.