The brush is the best helper for cleaning car seats

2022-11-17 Writer:default
The biggest difference between the industrial brush and the ordinary brush used in our life is that the service objects are different, but both of them play a role in cleaning. However, the industrial brush is mainly used to remove the burrs on the surprise surface of metal and other objects, while the brush used in our daily life is relatively strong in decontamination. For owners who have loved cars, cleaning their cars is also a part of their life. Many people choose to drive to the car repair shop for cleaning. Although it costs only a few yuan each time, the amount accumulated over a long period of time is also quite a lot. Usually cleaning their cars is also a manual labor. It's also good to find ways to clean their cars during work. The specific method is to open all the doors, pat all the dust on the surface with a duster, wash the dust out with a vacuum cleaner, and then use a rag dipped in clean water to scrub, and pay attention to the use of some detergents, so that the decontamination effect is better. In the process of cleaning, the dirt on the seat surface is slowly floating up. At this time, the brush will come on the scene. Brushing the car seat with a brush can play a very good role in decontamination, and can thoroughly remove the dirt on the surface. However, since car seats are all made of leather, soft bristled brushes should be used so as not to damage the leather covers of the seats. After that, wring the wet towel dry and wiping the foam clean. Then open the windows and doors and let the car dry as soon as possible with ventilation. Also, the dirt left in the folds on the seat surface cannot be cleaned with a rag, and it also needs an industrial brush to remove it.