Manufacturing process of hair planting brush

2023-04-04 Writer:default
If various brushes are classified by brush manufacturing method, we can roughly divide them into three major categories: plant-based brush, iron sheet brush, and torsion tube brush. This article introduces the manufacturing process of plant-based brush, and the rest of the brush categories will be continued later.
The vast majority of brush products in the three categories of industrial brushes, small aperture brushes, car wash brushes, and floor brushes on our company's website are plant-based brushes; Among them, there are two categories based on whether the mold of the brush handle has planted pores: for example, a universal roller brush or a brush wheel for agricultural machinery cleaning, which has already planted pores on the brush handle, can be directly planted with hair; However, spiral roller brushes, small aperture brush wheels, and double-sided car wash brushes require drilling before they can be used for hair planting. The former only has one less drilling program than the latter, so the entire production process of the planter bristle brush is directly introduced with the bristle brush that needs to be drilled.
Manufacturing process of hair planting brush | How is the brush made?
The manufacturing process of the hair planting brush can be divided into the following processes: first, after discussing with the customer, it is decided whether to open the mold. If the customer orders a small quantity, an engineering plastic car is used to produce the size and appearance; If there is a certain quantity or specific shape, make the brush handle by opening a mold.
After deciding to create a mold for the brush handle, based on the customer's cost assessment and the production method suitable for the machine, decide whether to create a mold with planting pores.
By the way, if a small amount of engineering plastic rough brush handles are used, they will be drilled in advance and then hairy; The brush handles that require drilling for a large number of mold opening operations are synchronized with drilling and hair planting.
After the drilling is completed, carry out the brush and hair planting operation. 'Hair planting' refers to the process of removing an appropriate amount of brush hair according to the aperture size of the machine's hair support knife, and at the same time, the iron wire is twisted into a letter by the machine, and the two are intersected; The bristles are filled in the concave area of the iron wire in the font, and then planted downwards into the pores of the hair by the hair planting needle to complete the hair planting operation. For example, hair planting is like using iron wire as stapler, brush hair as paper, and brush handle as bulletin board. Then hair planting is the process of using stapler to nail paper to bulletin board.
After the hair planting is completed, carry out hair trimming operations to ensure that the ends of the bristles are neat and consistent, so that the finished bristles can apply equal force to the work object. Use a trimming knife to trim each process, and use a flat knife and a rolling knife to cut the longer bristles; The special shaped brush wheel uses a dedicated machine to make the end of the brush curve, allowing the brush to have a larger contact area with the work object.
For car wash brushes and floor brushes, the end of the brush needs to be opened to avoid scratches on the work object (see Why do car wash brushes need to be opened? How should car wash brushes be selected?). After the hair is trimmed, a hair cutter will be used to open the fiber, and then the uneven parts at the end of the opened fiber will be trimmed again. At this point, the entire manufacturing operation of the hair planting brush is completed, and then the brush product can be packaged and delivered to customers.