How to Select the Suitable Brush Wire for Industrial Brushes

2022-11-24 Writer:default
Tags: brush dust wire
The brush is also known as the industrial brush, and the industrial brush can be divided into different types according to different uses. For example, dust-proof brush, polishing brush and cleaning brush.
The dust-proof brush is mainly used as a tool to prevent some dust floating in the air from entering during the installation of industrial equipment, doors and windows, assembly lines and other parts. The dust-proof brush can effectively prevent dust from entering, and prevent dust from polluting the equipment or products produced. Therefore, the dust-proof brush has high requirements for the elasticity of the brush wire. In addition, it requires good lubrication of the brush wire surface, And it shall have good anti-static performance.
The main purpose of the polishing brush is to remove the burrs on the surface of some objects to be polished and to fine polish the parabolic surfaces. Therefore, the requirements and types of brush wire for polishing brush shall be determined according to different requirements. If it is used for electroplating polishing of some steel plates with tough surfaces, brush wire made of bronze shall be used. If it is used to remove burrs from general metal materials, steel wire with high hardness shall be used.
The last kind of brush is the most common and common one among industrial brushes. It is usually used in the deep processing of agricultural and sideline products, or the cleaning of fruits and vegetables, as well as industrial cleaning and dust removal. The cleaning brush has high requirements for the brush wire. The brush wire should have relatively high wear resistance. In addition, it should have high elasticity and corrosion resistance. It must be ensured that the brush wire will not deform in the long-term work.