Acceptance method of industrial brush

2022-11-21 Writer:default
You should know now. Industrial brushes are also widely used in our life. Industrial brushes are used for cleaning and punching various industrial products and materials, grinding and cleaning the surface of printed circuit boards, cleaning steel plate surfaces and flat shot blasting, and surface disposal of hardware materials. There is a very important use of the industrial brush, which must be essential for the inspection part. So you know how we check this crucial part?
First, we put the industrial brush into water to soak for about 30 minutes, the water temperature is about 20 degrees Celsius, and the immersion depth is 12 mm. Then take it out, press it to dry, and soak it in solution for 10 minutes.
Secondly, put the test panel into the working plate, and tighten it with a quick fixture to ensure that the test panel is fixed and does not move during the work. This will ensure that the brush can be secured.
Finally, fasten the inspected brush, and fix all industrial brush components. In this way, it can reduce the dropping of components in use. These are the inspection items we introduced to you about industrial brushes. Don't underestimate this simple inspection item. This process can ensure the service life of the industrial brush. Although the cost of industrial brush is not very high, no one wants to spend more money, so the money should also be spent mainly. The use of industrial brushes can reduce the number of times of replacement, which can save you some money. Therefore, when using industrial brushes, we must choose brushes with guaranteed quality. This is our introduction to some knowledge about industrial brushes.