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HS530 mold silicone sealant
Product nameHS530 mold silicone sealantAppearance viscosity density0.98 (g/cm3)tensile strength15 (MPa)elongation150 (%)shear strength15 (MP
$999.00 /item
Stock: 10000000 items
Min Order: 1 piece
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Product Details
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Product name HS530 mold silicone Sealant
Appearance viscosity density 0.98 (g/cm3)
tensile strength 15 (MPa)
elongation 150 (%)
shear strength 15 (MPa)
Storage period 12 months
Place of Origin Xu Zhou in Anhui
Curing condition room temperature
Curing time 0.4 (H)
Water resistance Water
1 why choose smart products HS530 mold silicone Sealant?
Our product is to lead a fashion, we are made of composite glass colloid, using nanotechnology, more secure and environmentally friendly. Division I rely on advanced technology, superior technology, efficient construction methods. To provide customers with more environmentally friendly, environmentally friendly adhesive products, continue to introduce innovative products for customers satisfied with the courier.
2 what are your HS530 mold silicone sealant for?
Professional engaged in construction, automotive electronics, photovoltaic, wood adhesives in high-tech enterprises, Anhui University and the University of Science & Technology China, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of chemistry, over the years, China have close exchanges and cooperation. Every year we have an annual production capacity of 10000 tons of adhesive.
3 you can customize the colors of our HS530 mold silicone sealant?
Yes, we will be based on customer demand, tailored to the needs of customers of the plastic glass, we also have a professional after-sales service team, 7 x 24 hours to provide you with services, for you to solve the problem of time.

Chuzhou simaite composite materials Co. Ltd., high-tech enterprises adhesive industry leading brands!
1 strength: annual production capacity of 10000 tons of adhesive
2 National HS530 mold silicone sealant production and sales qualification certification
3 products using nanotechnology, more secure, more environmentally friendly
4 perfect after-sales service system, to provide you with professional technical support!
Construction method
1 carefully remove grease, joint surface dust and water vapor and other pollutants, with organic solvents to make the surface clean and dry.
2 cover the adjacent surface with adhesive tape to complete the cleaning.
3 cut the width of the mouth and the need for careful use of glue gun to ensure that the glue and the substrate close contact.

Main use
1 for leakage proof, anti wind and rain.
2 interior decoration adhesive
Heating and cooling equi-pment on 3 pads.
The metal surface 4 without thread rod, nameplate and plastic coatings.
5 sealing windows on the oven door, gas appliances in the flue, pipe joints, access door.
6 provide instant leak proof pad forming gear box, compressor, pump.
7 cabin window seal
8 Trailer, truck cab window seal.
9 adhesive and sealing device.
10 forming wear resistant coating
11 insert and fill thin metal laminate, pipe network and equip-ment chassis.
Installation and transportation

Enterprise information
 Anhui simaite new materials Co. Ltd. (the original Chuzhou simaite composite material Co. Ltd.) was founded in 2006, is located in Chuzhou Ningluo high-speed exit, 50 km from downtown Nanjing, the state-level development zone Chuzhou silicon industry park. Over the years, the academy and University of Science & Technology China, CAS Institute of chemistry, Anhui University have close exchanges and cooperation, by virtue of the high technology research and development, and sales of adhesive field to the rapid development of pragmatic management team.
The company spirit of "enterprises based on innovation, quality achievements of the future" business philosophy, through independent research and development of high-tech products and absorb experience at home and abroad are continuing to provide users with high-quality brand, create smart adhesive; the company has a sound professional pre-sale, sale, customer service service to win the trust of customers at home and abroad and praise. We will as in the past to provide services for the new and old customers, customers continue to launch innovative products with Smet.

Certificate of honor

  Address: No. two, No. 60, weft Road, C Industrial Park, Chuzhou, Anhui
  Telephone: 0550-5686698
    Fax: 0550-5686699
    Zip code: 239200
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