EL wire for Flexible Neon wire sign

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  • Min order: 100 piece
  • Brand: KPT
  • Stock: 10000 pieces

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Shanghai, China
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30000 Meter/Meters per Day
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Looks like common phone wire, EL wire (also been called Flexible Neon Wire,Cool wire) emits multi-color light along its entire length but without any heat radiation-cool to touch, is the new generation product in global lighting and display field.



Low Cost - only take 12USD/sq.m(include 10-15m wire and electron control );
No Install limit - it can be install in any timeany place by anyone ; 
Efficent process  only take 1 hour /sq.m by one person can finish it;
Good creation - The designer and maker can achieve any of their imagine;.
Dynamic twinkling effect- The electro circuit control can achieve the dynamic twinkling;
Energy saving and safty guarantee - Consume electricity ≤10W/sq.m,does no danger to the human body .
Wide application:  indoor or outdoor building glasswallwood sheetKT versionAcrylic version metal or plastic material;




1.Shape: Round, Flat, Twist , Three Color per line etc.

2.Diameter: 1.2mm, 2.0mm, 3.0mm, 4.0mm,5.0mm,to 8.0mm etc.

3.Color: Red, Orange, Blue, Green, White, Transparent

4.Certificate: CE,RoSH,UL certificate

5. Patent: China and US


1. Acrylic Transparent Plastic board
      Use Carven machine to Engrave pattern slot On its surface, assure depth of slot same as the diameter of KPT Flexible Neon Wire.(such as :2.0mm,1.2mm),put the wire in slot ,then use the same area superficial clarity thin sheet to cover.
      It may form the colored hollow illumination character , also may in prganic page layout printing or the membrane tectoria colored portrait picture ,forms the dynamic ultra thin lamp box.
2.Light Foam Plastic board(The thickness is similar to mirror , Color: black and white)
      Use art design knife , self-command to double sword slices, and engrave slot on the board directly ,put the KPT wire in the slot ,at the connection of elevation pattern ,the wire can cross the board, foams the colored simple shine design.
3.Glass,sheet,board , metal, plastic
      Use glue (Model 502 type epoxy glue, silica gel ,hot-sol) stick its surface directly.
4.Fabric cloth, plastic cloth ,leather(banner, scroll, dress, advertisement cloth)
      Sewing its edge or surface ,if done in reason, can make double sides shine. The battery can continue shine over 40 hours(15m) .



OEM /ODE are welcomed.


EL wire for Flexible Neon wire sign


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SHANGHAI KEYAN PHOSPHOR TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. Bldg. 8, No. 8, Dongzhou Road, Dongjing Ind. Zone, Dongjing Town, Songjiang Dist., Shanghai, China (Mainland) Business units

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