CPC calcined petroleum coke

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It is the main raw material for Prebaked Anode and Graphite series products, also can as carbon additive in steel industry, we can supply different grade calcined petroleum coke on customer’s requirement.When the graphite electrode used in steel making or the anode paste (melting electrode) used in aluminum and magnesium making, the raw coke must be calcined in order to meet the requirements of petroleum coke (raw coke).Calcination temperature is generally around 1300℃, the purpose is to get rid of petroleum coke volatiles as far as possible.In this way, the hydrogen content of petroleum coke reproducts can be reduced, the graphitization degree of petroleum coke can be improved, the high-temperature strength and heat resistance of the graphite electrode can be improved, and the conductivity of the graphite electrode can be improved.Calcined coke is mainly used to produce graphite electrode, carbon paste products, diamond powder, food grade phosphorus industry, metallurgy industry and calcium carbide, among which graphite electrode is the most widely used.Raw coke can be directly used as calcium carbide as main material and silicon carbide and boron carbide as grinding material without forging and firing.It can also be directly used as coke for blast furnace or blast furnace wall lining brick, or as compact coke for casting process.calcined petroleum coke

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