Fine white goose down

Supply: 1000 Kilogram
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Product classification: 95% boutique Large White Velvet
Good fluffy, good softness, strong thermostability, strong warmth retention, good air permeability, high cleanliness, no peculiar smell, etc. It is suitable for making down clothes, duvet, down pillow and down mattress of different grades, and it can also be used as padding for cushion, cushion and pillow of sofa.

It is suitable for making down clothes, duvet, down pillow and down mattress, and it can also be used as padding for cushion, cushion and pillow of high-grade sofa.

Processing flow

Raw material processing flow

The wing stem, impurity and ash sand in the raw wool are separated from the wool by the prescaler, and the prescaler time is determined according to the quality of the raw wool.
Because the content of impurities in the pre divided feather pile exceeds the standard, the ash and sand impurities remained in the feather pile can be further removed through the ash removal device to make the feather pile meet the specified quality requirements.

After pre separation and ash removal, although the impurities and wing stalks have been removed, they still do not meet the export specification standards. The pre separation of feather and down is processed by the fine extension machine to make it a specification feather and down.
According to the quality requirements and the down content of different specifications, the down shall be homogenized by the stacker to meet the specification requirements.
After the pile up of down, the quality inspection shows that all indexes meet the requirements, and then the pile is packed and put into the warehouse.

Process flow of washing down

Washing is divided into three steps: initial washing, washing and rinsing. In the washing process, the washing times and time are determined according to the cashmere content, grease content and ash content of raw materials. Normal washing to standard transparency above 600 degrees.
The rinsed down is put into the centrifuge for dehydration, and the water content of down is up to 30% through low-speed and high-speed sub dehydration.

The moisture content of the dehydrated down is up to 30%. The down enters the dryer for drying. The drying time is determined according to the pressure of steam to achieve the effect of high-temperature disinfection, so that the dried down is not damp, scorched, brittle, soft, smooth, glossy and fluffy.
After the down is dried, the down is sucked into the cooling cylinder by the negative pressure fan for cooling, and the cooling degree is determined as the temperature under normal temperature according to the season.
After cooling, the down passed the inspection, and the down content, fluffy degree, transparency, moisture and other indicators met the requirements. The down was packed in the special bag for disinfection through the negative pressure hair compartment, 25kg per cubic meter, which should not be extruded, so as to avoid affecting its fluffy degree.


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