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2018-09-06 Writer:7211602594zclv

just! US President Trump issued his first State of the Union address in Congress. After summarizing his achievements in any given year, Trump said: "Building a safe, strong and proud United States." "Now ushered in a new American moment is the best time to realize the American dream." . As a foreign trade policy issue, Trump believes that "the United States must endure the unfair trade agreements signed for decades and open a new page. During this period, the United States sacrificed its bright future, company, postal and national wealth. Passed overseas. "He said, "Unfair trade will hurt the US economy." "The era of economic surrender is over." "From now on, we look forward to a fair and mutually beneficial trade relationship. The United States will be committed to negotiating a new Trade agreements to protect American workers. "Intellectual property" "Strengthen trade rules by law enforcement to ensure US interests" and so on.

With his first State of the Union speech, President Trump officially established the current policy of the government's trade policy on the first anniversary of his administration. A year ago, we analyzed here that in the first year of the operation of the Trump administration, it was necessary to maintain the stability of economic and trade policies, and it was very rare to introduce subversive trade policies against the law. Economic development However, with the implementation of the tax reform policy at the end of 2017, for the Trump administration, which is striving to achieve the US economic recovery and reduce the trade deficit, adjusting and formulating trade policies one day ahead will lead to a one-day “US priority” goal. .