to visit a lot of enthusiasm Professional audience ratio is high

2019-03-16 Writer:4915947703fhra

Since the sixth China candy exhibition will be held in ningbo after the issue of the information will cause the extensive concern of the industry inside and outside, sign up for the convenience of audience participation, China launched a variety of channels of confectionery exhibition organizing committee, on the website, WeChat regularly registration zone, at the same time can also sign up directly by telephone.The learns from China confectionery exhibition organizing committee, so far, the registration of professional audiences enthusiasm remains high, mainly include all kinds of candy distributors, supermarkets, chain stores, shopping malls;All kinds of candy import and export business;Electronic commerce emerging distributors such as;Related production enterprises;Related technical personnel;All kinds of form a complete set of production and service enterprises, etc.

Any exhibition for exhibitors, professional audience are very important part, in order to ensure that the number of the professionals, China's confectionery exhibition organizing committee has set up a special team, directional invite industry professionals.In addition, the organizing committee also offers 1000 dealers registration participation before two nights for free accommodation, attracted a large number of professionals in this way.Not only ensure the quality and quantity of the professional audience, and more can promote the achievement of effective communication and trade, so as to realize a win-win situation.

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