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1.large scale, high degree of professional

It is understood that the exhibition by the Chinese side circulation association, Taiwan food development association, the Hong Kong international food association, sequoia capital China support, hosting Beijing Long Pin tin exhibition co., LTD.A total exhibition area of 30000 square meters, the exhibition is expected to more than 500 enterprises, is expected to reach 45000 people visit the audience, at the appointed time, more than 500 food enterprises focus on present rich candy products, innovative ingredients, and performance of candy processing and packaging.

According to the sixth China confectionery exhibition organizing committee director hai-ning wang, following the 2014 China confectionery exhibition held in ningbo, and obtained good results of the turnover as high as 3.39 billion yuan, after the sixth China confectionery exhibition held in ningbo continue to choose.In addition to ningbo convenient geographical advantages, convenient transportation, but also because it is located in the huge consumer market.According to statistics, only jiangsu and anhui area candy market capacity up to 36 billion yuan.And jiangsu region of anhui province is the largest confectionery machinery and packaging, ingredients and additives of the base, but also the most concentrated area, leisure food consumption brings together large Numbers of outstanding manufacturing enterprises.So, in economic development, consumption level, slant generally higher under the influence of many favorable factors, jiangsu and anhui area with huge consumer market.China confectionery exhibition was held in ningbo were, was based in jiangsu, anhui, radiation in south China, central China, north China, facing the whole country.

2.only tens of thousands of more than 500 enterprises to product appearance

It is that this year the last 2 times, is the total exhibition area of 30000 square meters, and has more than 80% of the old customers booked a booth.Is expected to have more than 500 candy zero food companies concentrated exhibition.These enterprises are mostly from mainland China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Italy, the United States, Britain, Mongolia and other countries and regions.Exhibits a wide range of candy, chocolate, jelly, ice cream, pastries, cookies nuts, nuts, candied fruit, bean products, such as a variety of categories.For example: good heat, good mood, kingbox, sunflower, sakura momoko these familiar domestic leisure food brands;Three bean jelly, Chen from Taiwan pineapple cakes;From South Korea Korean fairy hall bar;Climbed from Britain bei taste of candy;And high-end chocolate products from European and American countries and regions.

Raw materials and ingredients are attracted to the other;Processing and packaging;Packaging materials and printing services;Mould;Safety inspection and technology;Logistics transportation services;Media and related enterprises and training institutions, etc.From packaging to production to sales, effective communication and docking between the whole industry chain, is advantageous to the enterprise in the face of increasingly fierce competition, establish a diversified and mutual linkage system, forming a flexible, solid chain, these enterprises exhibitors, centralized communication will lead to industry chain, will be great help for future macro development of the whole industry. visit a lot of enthusiasm Professional audience ratio is high

Since the sixth China candy exhibition will be held in ningbo after the issue of the information will cause the extensive concern of the industry inside and outside, sign up for the convenience of audience participation, China launched a variety of channels of confectionery exhibition organizing committee, on the website, WeChat regularly registration zone, at the same time can also sign up directly by telephone.The learns from China confectionery exhibition organizing committee, so far, the registration of professional audiences enthusiasm remains high, mainly include all kinds of candy distributors, supermarkets, chain stores, shopping malls;All kinds of candy import and export business;Electronic commerce emerging distributors such as;Related production enterprises;Related technical personnel;All kinds of form a complete set of production and service enterprises, etc.

Any exhibition for exhibitors, professional audience are very important part, in order to ensure that the number of the professionals, China's confectionery exhibition organizing committee has set up a special team, directional invite industry professionals.In addition, the organizing committee also offers 1000 dealers registration participation before two nights for free accommodation, attracted a large number of professionals in this way.Not only ensure the quality and quantity of the professional audience, and more can promote the achievement of effective communication and trade, so as to realize a win-win situation.

4.supporting events held the same period, several high-end BBS unusually brilliant

It is the sixth China candy snacks during the exhibition, will also be a more than a high standard of academicand new products, new technology conference.Use of exhibition platform, communication candy at the cutting edge of technology information at home and abroad.At the same time, the organizers will held in the same period "the sixth conference on China's confectionery market" and "the ninth Chinese ice cream BBS", it is known that the ice cream BBS and exhibition in addition to the qing emperor, new haven, snow, Macao q, rubies, and other domestic ice cream brand, also has from the United States, Russia, New Zealand, Britain, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, the Philippines and other countries import ice cream will also debut at ningbo, with nearly 10000 professional visitors from all over the country face to face.

In addition, according to the national distributor will also release the "top 2015" in 2015 China confectionery distributor list, "2015 of confectionery e-commerce 25 strong" and "2015 China top 50 ice cream and frozen food dealer (south area)" list, encouraged in traditional and electrical business channels do good dealers at the same time, also can give everyone a common learning, encourage each other.The meeting the list of different is to increase the "2015 China candy like shop 25 strong", according to the present and joyful prosperity and great potential of the market, the organizers keen aware of market trends, reward or shop good operators, promote the balanced development of the industry.

It is understood that in order to better promote the sixth China confectionery exhibition, the organizing committee also repeated theme BBS activities across the country.On April 24, the ambassador hotel in jinjiang city golden horse held by "the era of mobile Internet food market" as the theme of the peak BBS;On May 6, in the Shanghai zendai radisson hotel (pudong) held with pin era "profit" as the theme of imported food BBS, the scene came from hundreds of companies and distributors throughout the country, attending the meeting and invite the personage inside course of study, marketing experts, and other key made speeches, form a good communication, learning opportunities.In addition, on June 23, the organizing committee hai-ning wang, general manager and sales manager Mr. Li invited by the Taiwan food development association, went to Taipei Taiwan food exposition, and take this opportunity to hold the meeting exhibition of the sixth China confectionery.

"Exhibition of Chinese candy is a platform to do, do contacts circle, for the purpose of large candy professional exhibitions, timely, as the industry set up a trade and communication platform can be born."China's food circulation association ji-hong he added.

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