Glass glue and adhesive

2017-07-15 Writer:simaite
Has the same characteristics as glass glue and adhesive two lines an adhesive, that is to have the role of adhesive. So what is the difference between glass glue and universal, we distinguish open?
Glass glue is divided into ordinary plastic glass and insulating glass sealant, which ordinary glass glue is a commonly used household as the main component of sodium silicate binder, soluble in water, so it is called water glass; hollow glass glue can be divided into thermoplastic and thermosetting two in the class can be divided into hot melt adhesive glue, polyisobutylene, silicone rubber, polyurethane rubber and polysulfide rubber, has the function of sealing and fixing. Domestic glass glue for silicone rubber, can be divided into neutral, acidic and water glass adhesive. Ordinary glass glue service life in general about 5 years, high-grade glass glue its life in general about eight years, to a certain time must be re glue. Although the glass glue in the curing will produce a certain amount of stimulating gas, but the curing of glass glue generally no harm to the human body.
How has the good performance of oil resistance, solvent resistance and chemical resistance, is commonly known as the chloroprene was prepared by emulsion copolymerization of chloroprene rubber adhesive is. The adhesive bonding strength, the substrate is relatively wide, generally ten to twenty minutes bonding success, long service life.
The difference in glass glue and adhesive mainly plastic glass has the longest lifespan in about eight years, after the curing of the human body without any harm, and non flammable; long service life of the adhesive (almost equal to permanent), flammable, harmful to the body, long-term stay in the use of universal glue carcinogenic environment, low price.
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