2015 SMT silicone winter fire

2017-07-15 Writer:simaite
In order to make all employees understand the basic knowledge of fire, improve safety awareness, enhance self - protection ability, grasp the strain of a burst of fire, escape skills, learn fire extinguishing and orderly of personnel, property evacuation, to ensure the lives and safety of the employees and the company's assets safety; December 19, 2015, Smet silicone glass cement Co., Ltd. organized a combat full fire drills.
The full fire drills produced by the company director Jeky served as director, responsible for organizing and commanding the fire drill. The exercise working group was divided into four groups: warning group, evacuation group, fire fighting group, rescue group.
Morning 09:00 -10:00, the company various departments, each category represents in a conference room, 3 floor, in the exercise communication and coordination, fire safety knowledge and practical training of relevant personnel, and on the afternoon of fire drills the thorough deployment arrangements.
At 18:00 that afternoon, the security guard issued a fire alarm signal. The working group exercises after hearing the command, quickly put in place and participate in drills volunteer firefighter and staff all wear fire drill work card, within the shortest possible time, in workshop, staircases and safety exit, the password with the gesture, command and staff from the specified route for orderly evacuation; to all personnel on site, orderly and efficient to evacuate to safe areas (the company dormitory basketball court).
Fire drills according to a predetermined plan, orderly and intensely. After the evacuation of the overall evacuation of the staff in the company dormitory before the basketball court, the personnel count statistics. Then the security team and the duty of firefighters, drills with dry powder fire extinguisher to carry out the scene to extinguish the fire.
End of the exercise, the command length for all employees of the fire safety emergency operation and fire escape skills to explain and teach you to master once there is a fire, everyone should do, how to correctly alarm, rescue, evacuation, how to help themselves and escape. Finally, commander of the fire drills do the global, for exercise results to the full affirmation, praise employees to obey the command, the quick action of the, asking everyone to further enhance the sense of responsibility for production safety, announced the fire drill achieved complete success.
Through the fire drill activities, in fire drills staff safety awareness and fire extinguishing ability has been enhanced, all the staff of fire safety knowledge have further understanding and resilience against fire has been improved. Fire drills in the process, but also the exercise of the training of the working group's organizational ability, command and strain capacity.
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