Directly hit the pain points of the transportation aging in the apparel industry, and help express logistics and efficient logistics

2020-05-20 Writer:t403
The economic development has brought about rapid development of the apparel industry, and the corresponding scale of its apparel logistics market has reached a small 100 billion level, and with the gradual progress of the industry development, its scale will be further expanded. The apparel industry is closely related to people's production and life. With the development of the society, the public has also constantly put forward new requirements for the apparel industry, especially the need to keep up to date, update, and keep up with fashion trends. Therefore, in the apparel industry, which is only "one step ahead" to be favored by customers, it also puts forward stricter and more detailed requirements for logistics and transportation. As an important part of the apparel industry supply chain, only efficient logistics services can help apparel companies seize fashion opportunities, attract consumers' attention, and seize market share. Based on this, not only logistics companies need to have the best logistics timeliness, but also logistics companies can provide the best quality services. As a AAAAA-level logistics company, Leap Express has been focusing on the apparel industry for many years, providing high-quality logistics services to multiple brand apparel customers and has been widely praised. "One of the biggest characteristics of the clothing industry is that it has a strong periodicity, and the second is that it will appear indirectly in the fashion cycle. Let ’s just say that we have to consider both the season change and the current fashion trends. This Two points require that our first criterion in the choice of logistics is to be faster, the sooner the better! "These are Mr. Lu, the logistics director of a certain brand of women's clothing. When talking about the reason, Mr. Lu said, "Why do you want it faster? Because facing the changing seasons and popular trends, in the fierce market competition, we should first appear in front of consumers to seize the opportunity. Otherwise, If the logistics are not timely, we will slow down half a beat or even a beat, so that the product will stay in the middle of circulation for most of the time, and no sales have been achieved. The corresponding inventory backlog and cash flow problems will cause us huge losses. So After comparing a number of logistics companies, we chose to cross express, their inter-provincial fastest 8 hours, the slowest no more than 12 hours efficient logistics services helped us a lot. " Since its establishment, it has focused on "Limited Time Express", and with the tenet of "Time Achievement" to solve the problem of aging pain points for logistics and transportation for tens of millions of corporate customers, especially in the apparel industry. On the one hand, such high-efficiency logistics is based on surpassing strong transportation capacity: more than 50,000 employees, 12 + charter flights, 17,000 + transportation vehicles, and more than ten domestic companies such as China Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Eastern Airlines and Shanghai Airlines Major airlines have reached strategic cooperation, occupying 70% of aviation belly cabin resources in southern China alone, forming a strong transportation team. It has set up branches in more than 20 provinces and cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Zhejiang, and Jiangsu, with a network covering more than 500 cities in 32 provinces across the country, and more than 3,000 direct sales outlets. The strong transportation capacity guarantees the timeliness of the company's shipping to the greatest extent. In addition, science and technology as the core competitiveness is also the source of power to cross high-efficiency logistics. The scientific and technological R & D expenses invested annually account for 4.1% of the operating income, becoming one of the industries with the highest investment ratio. The introduced sword system combines AI intelligence, cloud computing, big data and other information technology PMS, quality control system, internal control system and other management systems are integrated to strengthen the management and control capabilities of the system, greatly optimize the outlets and routing, and improve the efficiency of site use. With the help of scientific and technological means, we provide customers with the best solutions while ensuring the maximum timeliness of logistics. The continuous development of core technology has created an extraordinary logistics speed. Each of us can't live without the apparel industry, and the normal operation of each apparel company is inseparable from logistics and transportation. Under the environment of rapid development, the apparel industry's requirements for high logistics efficiency are increasing day by day. Leapfrog will continue to provide efficient and quality services to help more apparel enterprise customers solve transportation problems.