You can't dry the quilt in autumn and winter, put some "it" in it, it is easy to sterilize and remove odor

2020-05-20 Writer:t3361
It's late autumn now, and the weather is getting colder. People are wearing thicker clothes and covering them with thicker quilts. We know that our people always have the habit of drying quilts, but in the autumn and winter seasons, in fact, there are relatively few days to see the sun, especially in some northern areas, it snows early, even if there is sun, the quilt is not good Yes, but mites will smell when the quilt sleeps for a long time, so what should we do? Of course, there are "little tricks", can't you dry the quilt in autumn and winter? Put a little "it" in it, it is easy to sterilize and remove odor, which is better than the sunbathing tube!

In fact, what we need to prepare is very simple, this "it" is actually desiccant and wormwood, why can it have such a good effect? First of all, the desiccant is a thing that we often see when eating snacks, which has a good "hygroscopic" effect, which can reduce the moisture of the quilt, and wormwood is for us It ’s no stranger. The appearance rate is very high during the Dragon Boat Festival. This kind of grass can not only repel mosquitoes and ward off evil spirits, but also has a good sterilization and mite removal effect. Use the quilt for good results.

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The method of use is also very simple. We wrap the prepared desiccant and wormwood in a clean paper towel and put it in the quilt. The desiccant and wormwood will play a role, which can not only sterilize and remove mites, but also solve There is a taste problem, so that your quilt is not only clean and fragrant, but also useful than sunbathing. It is very convenient to use in autumn and winter, helping you solve the trouble of not being able to dry the quilt and making you sleep more comfortably.

If we want to sleep well, our bedding must be changed and cleaned frequently. Even if there is no way to dry the quilt, the sheets and quilts must be changed, so that we can sleep more comfortably. In addition to using this method to sterilize and remove odor, Don't forget the main replacement part. The choice of bed sheets and quilt cover is also very important. The four-piece cotton set is more skin-friendly and very soft. It will be more comfortable when sleeping.