Self-priming Sewage Water Pump

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Quick Details
Place of Origin:
Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Sanlian, Eske
Model Number:
Centrifugal Pump
Single-stage Pump
Standard or Nonstandard:
Low Pressure
blue or grey
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details
Plywood case
Delivery Time
10 ~ 30 days


Super T self-priming trash sewage water pump,


XT  Series super self priming sewage water pumps are designed for economical & trouble-free operation in handling solids-laden liquids and slurries. Pumps feature a large volute design which allows them to re-prime automatically in a completely open system without the need of suction or discharge check valves. And this is workable with the pump only partially filled with liquid and completely dry suction line.

Pumps will be able to handle up to 75mm spherical solids, depending on pump models. In case that pump shaft or bearings need service or repair, the entire rotating assembly can be removed without disturbing pump casing or pipelines. 

Offering the same reliability and performance as the ST self-priming pump, the Super T pump provides additional advanced design features such as external shimless adjustment, dual protection of bearings and an "easy-grip" cover plate handle. The combination of different sized pumps, impeller trims and speed variations ensure that the correct capacity pump will be matched to the exact requirements of your system, whether it's a small sub-division or a large waste collection system.



External Shimless Adjustment

The external shimless cover plate allows for easy adjustment of the clearance between the impeller and the wearplate. This process eliminates the need to realign belts, couplings or other drive components. In turn, the working height of the seal assembly and impeller back clearance are not disturbed. The unique collar and adjusting screw allow for incremental adjustments of the wearplate clearance with the turn of a hand. once adjustments have been made, the collar locks in place maintaining the clearance setting even if the cover plate is removed. This design doubles the life of the impeller and wearplate, and keeps the pump operating at maximum efficiency.

Solids Handling

Two-vane, semi-open solids handling impeller handles up to 3" (75 mm) diameter solids, depending on pump model. Pump out vanes on impeller shroud reduce foreign material buildup behind impeller and reduce pressure on seal and bearings.

Exclusive Mechanical Seal

Exclusive double-floating, self-aligning, oil lubricated mechanical cartridge seal with stationary and rotating face of silicon carbide or tungsten titanium carbide is specifically designed for abrasive industrial service. Seal is available on 3", 4" and 6" (75 mm, 100 mm and 150 mm) pump models. Optional seals are also available.

Removable Cover Plate with "Easy-Grip" Handle

The removable cover plate with "easy-grip" handle and pusher bolt capability provides quick and easy access to the pump interior without disconnecting piping. Clogs can be removed and the pump can be returned to service in minutes. Impeller, seal, wearplate and flap valve can also be accessed through coverlet opening for inspection or service.

Removable Rotating Assembly

Inspection of pump shaft or bearings is easily accomplished without disturbing pump casing or piping by removing rotating assembly. Simply remove four bolts from the back of the pump and the assembly slides out.

Dual Protection of Bearings

Atmospheric isolation of seal cavity provides positive protect of bearings. This unique design also provides capabilities for external monitoring.

Material:  Cast Iron,  ADI,  CD4MCU,  316 SS,  Alloy 20,  C276.


Data Sheet:



Type: XT-3

Inlet, outlet:  3"

Max. throught solids: 63.5mm

Head: 4m ~ 35m

Flow:10m³/h ~100m³/h

Speed:650rpm~ 2150rpm

Repriming lifts: 1.5m~ 7.6m


Type: XT-4

Inlet, outlet:  4"

Max. throught solids: 76.2mm

Head: 4m ~ 35m

Flow:20m³/h ~150m³/h

Speed:650rpm~ 1950rpm

Repriming lifts: 1.5m~ 7.6m


Type: XT-6

Inlet, outlet:  6"

Max. throught solids: 76.2mm

Head: 4m ~ 30m

Flow:20m³/h ~300m³/h

Speed:650rpm~ 1550rpm

Repriming lifts: 2.4m~ 7.6m


Type: XT-8

Inlet, outlet:  8"

Max. throught solids: 76.2mm

Head: 5m ~ 30m

Flow:50m³/h ~550m³/h

Speed:650rpm~ 1350rpm

Repriming lifts: 2.7m~ 7.0m


Type: XT-10

Inlet, outlet:  10"

Max. throught solids: 76.2mm

Head: 5m ~ 35m

Flow:100m³/h~ 700m³/h

Speed:650rpm ~1450rpm

Repriming lifts: 2.1m~ 6.7m


Verified Business Registration Details


Business Type: Manufacturer

Address: No. 301, Jiangdong North Street, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China

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Trade Assurance

SANLIAN PUMP COMPANY No. 301, Jiangdong North Street, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China Business units

Audited Supplier

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