FBZ Stainless steel self priming pump

  • Price: $ 680.00/Unit
  • Min order: 1 Unit
  • Brand: kenshine-pump
  • Stock: 1000 Units

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FBZ stainless steel self-priming pump:

FBZ series stainless steel corrosion resistant horizontal self-priming pump has the light weight ,small volume and beautiful appearance in polishing processing. The impeller of the pump can be for semi-open structure or closed structure. The connection way between the pump and motor can be straight connection (closed coupling) and bearing bracket type(shaft coupling).All shaft seals for the pump adopt the advanced technology of cantilever type mechanical seal. FBZ self priming pump is made of stainless steel material (SS304,SS316,SS316L) with high quality, so FBZ self-priming pump has corrosion resistant, reliable performance, convenient use and maintenance , compact structure, low energy consumption, good sealing performance and etc advantages.

FBZ stainless steel self-priming pump application

FBZ series stainless steel self priming pump can transfer the liquids with temperature no higher than 90 degree Celsius (direct connection) or no higher than 105°C (bearing bracket type. The pumped liquids can be with (or without) small soft particles or fiber. FBZ series stainless steel self priming pump also has self priming performance. FBZ Stainless steel self priming pumps are mainly used to convey corrosive, hygienic and viscous liquids. The pump is widely used in food, beverage, medicine, cosmetics, sewage treatment, chemical (or fine chemical), electroplating and other industries.


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