Dolls in Thai literature

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Place of Origin:
Samut Sakhon, Thailand
Brand Name:
Thai Kub
Model Number:
Thai Art Dolls
Other Classic Toys
Supply Ability
Supply Ability:
100 Box/Boxes per Week
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Packaging Details
Paper Box.
Lead Time :
45 days.

Dolls in Thai literature



It is a small doll in ancient


Thai literature and can be removed in small pocket.


Can be used for teaching, keychain, child play, memorial,
gifts and giveaways.


Available size : S , M , L

Associated Brands

Dolls in Thai literature


" Hanuman "


Hanuman is a monkey with might.

Power can be manifested in many
different ways, such as extending a massive body.

In addition,a long tail stretching Hanuman is also known as the Immortal is dead
because the children of the Phra Pie (wind) with her Swaha this reason,
when Hanuman threatening death.

Just got the wind blows Hanuman,it resurrected again.

With the power of the Phra Pie, the father.



" Tosakan "


Tosakan demon son of Vishrava her Ratchada check in to a giant
formerly known as "Nontawith a" reincarnation.

The Nontawith a duty to wash the feet of angels.

Angels are also often rubbed the bald headof the NT.

Nontawith there was a resentment. I would like to finger a diamond of Shiva.

Then they attacked the angels who rubbed his head.
The killing has raised the dead, countless angels.

Shiva Vishnu made a request to help quell Nontawith offer.


" Sukreep "


Sukreep is the story of monkey in the Serpent and the creeps the
Ramayana, body-red is the son of the Sun, with Kanatna as Rama's
soldiers have been on da Rama, as the Manager of a clan. The battle,
fought with the army of which operator is always present. Finish time,
the enemy is the designated operator Metropolitan Phaya khrongkrung
samha radet underscore sensitivity of aril Shih khin.


" Ninlapat "


Ninlapat is the child of Phra Kal. For Shiva. Shiva granted adoption of
Thao Mahachomphu governor Chomphu have great power equivalent
to Hanuman. Not with Hanuman. So persecute Hanuman when Rama
ordered the army to carry the monkey rock fills the road to the ravens.
Hanuman with Ninlapat fighting. Rama came to a truce and judgments.
When informed that the Ninlapat fight Rama anger, banished to Krung Shih khin.

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