granulated cow manure fertilizer granules/particles/pellets

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  • Brand: Fuyi
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Place of Origin:
Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
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granulated cow manure fertilizer granules/particles/pellets
Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel
Greater than 28N
Granules shape:
Sample Test:
Granulating Method:
Dry granulating
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50 days


Granular Fertilizer is granulated by Dry Roller Granulator through mechanical compression without any additives, low power .

  Granulated cow manure fertilizer granules/particles/pellets


         Changzhou Fuyi Drying Equipment is one professional supplier of fertilizer granulator, which located in Changzhou city, Jiangsu Province, China. We have more than 10 years experience in granulation. The granules which granulated by our granulator have the below features:

  • High hardness( not easy to become powder during packing, storage and transportation. slow release in the field which save the nutrition)
  • Variable granular size( the granular size can be adjusted according to hole size of roller, mesh size of crusher and sieving machine, it can meet the different requirements from different customers).
  • Variable granular shape(the granular shape can be changed according to shape of rollers, it can meet the different requirements from different customers)

Working Principle-Irregular shape



Raw materials are sent into hopper by fixed quantity feeder, when two rolls parallel each other horizontally, powder materials are continuously and evenly fed in the gap between two rollers by their gravities and forced compression, The intermediate products are bar shape, then the crusher will crush the bar shape products into irregular granules, finally using rotary screen to sieve the final products, qualified products will be put into bags, unqualified products will be recycled mix with new material for the next granulating process.

granulated cow manure fertilizer granules/particles/pellets




  • Offers higher bulk specific gravity. (Materials can be processed without being bulky.)
  • Maintains stability of bulk specific gravity.
  • Improves liquidity. (It facilitates constant feeding, weighing, and others.)
  • Eases the system handling.
  • Prevents materials from scattering (i.e., improves the working environment).
  • Facilitate mixing of materials.
  • Provides smooth melting of materials (in other words, hardly forms lumps of materials).


Unit structure

1)  Pre-feeder: Equipped with mechanical vibrating feed hopper with automatic control and timing vibration

2)  Quantitative feeder: Adopts frequency conversion adjusting speed to ensure the feeding accuracy.

3)  Force-feeder: It is composed of variable frequency motor, cone helix, stirring knife tooth and cone feeding hopper with visual glass window as well as feeding mouth assemblies and so on. Its function is to further achieve degassing and perform pressure feeding.

4)  Flaking machine: it is composed of left and right fixed bearing seats, frame structure, two alloy steel rollers, two hydraulic oil cylinders, electric automatic pump station as well as hard tooth surface dedicated reducer and main driving motor.

5)  Crusher: it is composed of cutting-up box, cutting-up main shaft and special rotating cutting blades and the main shaft is driven at high speed by the motor to break the extrusion forming materials and dress into pellets.

6)  Vibration sieve: It is equipped with screen block-proof device and convenient to clean the screen. The broken pellet and powder materials from the breaking and dressing machine is divided into pellet product and recycling powder.

 7)  Screw conveyor for recycle: It sends the unaccepted powder material returned from vibration classification screen to the feeding elevator.

8)   Bucket elevator: HLType, used for feeding materials.

9)   Control cabinet: It is composed of the electrical components such as electric control box, frequency conversion controller, ammeter, voltage meter, light, button switches, voltage switch and so on. All the electrical equipment is controlled and operated concentratedly.


granulated cow manure fertilizer granules/particles/pellets 


The granulating production line



granulated cow manure fertilizer granules/particles/pelletsgranulated cow manure fertilizer granules/particles/pellets 


     Supporting Accessories


            Supporting Accessories: Except our main granulator machines, we also provide the supporting accessories, such as mixer, bucket elevator, silo, crusher, vibrator, duct collector, packing machine tec.       

granulated cow manure fertilizer granules/particles/pellets                           Rollers and final granules

granulated cow manure fertilizer granules/particles/pellets


                                                                                                    Installation Site   


until now, our granulator machines have enjoyed a high reputation both at home and abroad. We not only provide best quality and reasonable price, but also provide the best after-sale services.






  Control Cabinet System


granulated cow manure fertilizer granules/particles/pellets

















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