85% F.C Carbon Additive/Carbon Riser/Calcined Anthracite Coal Specifications For steelmaking industry

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Place of Origin:
Ningxia, China (Mainland)
metallurgy, Chemical industry ,Environmental protection
Product Type:
Carbon Additive
C Content (%):
S Content (%):
0.4% Max
N Content (%):
0.6% MAX
Ash Content (%):
10% Max
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Packaging Details
500kg plastic woven bag in container bag
Or according to your request
Delivery Time
10 days after order
Product Details

Carbon additives using Ningxia high quality too West anthracite as raw materials, Made by high temperature processing products.

Carbon additive in the production process, mainly in the 1300 degrees Celsius high temperature dry distillation, reduce the volatile, improve the fixed carbon content and density, strength, improve the oxidation resistance of the product. 

The main purpose of the product: for metallurgy, chemicals, environmental protection, etc. Such as: steel smelting in the increase in carbon content, carbon products, raw materials and aggregate, low-grade water quality filter.  

Product Introduction
Product Parameters

 Ningxia too West coal, coal, washing coal analysis table:

                                                                               Table 1 

Ash (%)
Volatile (%)
Moisture (%)
Sulfur (%)

Taixi Coal

Washed coal

                                                                  Table 2 Carbon Additive Analysis Table

Volatile (%)
nitrogen (%)
Fixed carbo



Level one
Three levels
Product Details Show

A, anthracite is a high degree of deterioration of the use of a coal, the higher the degree of metamorphism, the higher the carbon content of the coal, the closer the structure, the higher the mechanical strength, due to the different degree of metamorphism and different coal conditions, the quality of anthracite produced varies widely, Ningxia Ruji ditch production of too West anthracite with high carbon content, high mechanical strength, low ash content, low sulfur and phosphorus characteristics, is the production of steel-making carbon good raw materials.

B, In the steelmaking production part of the steel need to increase the content of carbon in steel to meet the technical requirements, there are about two ways to add carbon to steel: one in the smelting process with the addition or injection of scrap to join; the other is in the smelting process after the addition of molten steel or steel silo.

C, To increase the carbon content of carbon in the steel more types, at present, a large number of domestic and foreign use are: artificial graphite or coke powder, petroleum coke, graphite carbon agent, the main use of graphite products, or artificial fine natural graphite, which is characterized by high fixed carbon content, strong oxidation resistance, due to artificial graphite production process is complex, long production cycle, so the higher production costs, coke is the production of coke powder, ash And high sulfur content, low carbon content, low production cost, petroleum coke, low ash content, high fixed carbon content, but the production process is complex and costly.

The above three kinds of carbon agent prices and quality are very different, and Ningxia Rujigou Tai West coal production of carbon agent, with a high carbon content, strong antioxidant, low harmful elements, low production costs , The process is simple.

Company  tenet

The company which is in good faith-based and Quality First purpose relise on local resources and try its best to service

all the cudtomers at home and  abroad

Company advantage

There are many engineers who are engaged in carbon producte and testing equipment.The company can produce

different size carbon products according to the customer ' s request.

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Company Name:Pingluo Suokun Metallurgy Carbon Co., Ltd.

Business Type: Manufacturer

Address: Industrial Park, Chonggang Town, Pingluo County, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, Shizuishan, Ningxia, China (Mainland)

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Pingluo Suokun Metallurgy Carbon Co., Ltd. Industrial Park, Chonggang Town, Pingluo County, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, Shizuishan, Ningxia, China (Mainland) Business units

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