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Asparagus protein composition with the human body needs a variety of amino acids, the proportion of appropriate, inorganic salts have more selenium, molybdenum, magnesium, manganese and other trace elements, but also contains a large number of asparagine as the main non-protein nitrogen content And aspartic acid. Regular consumption of heart disease, high blood pressure, heart rate, fatigue, edema, cystitis, dysuria and other diseases have a certain effect. At the same time, asparagus on cardiovascular disease, vascular sclerosis, nephritis, gallstones, liver dysfunction and obesity are beneficial.

Asparagus with five grams of cancer weapons:

● rich selenium and iodine and other trace elements;

● rich folic acid content can effectively prevent the spread of cancer cells;

Tissue protein nucleic acid and aspartic acid present in free state;

● unique soap compounds, the inhibition of cancer cells;

● its extract can directly inhibit the cancer cells and no side effects on normal cells.

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Weight(kg):10Shelf Life:2Years
Brand Name:ZGFPacking:10kg/carotn

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Orange origin of China, thousands of years of cultivation history can not be clear that the specific location. By the Arabs spread throughout the Eurasian continent, oranges in the Netherlands, Germany are also known as "Chinese apple." China is one of the important origin of orange fruit, rich in citrus resources, fine variety, there are 4,000 years of cultivation history. According to research, until the year 1471, orange, orange, orange and other citrus fruit trees from China into Portugal, AD 1665 was introduced to the United States.

Hangzhou ZGFgroup Co.,LTD is a young but renowned and reputable Company with broad experience and acknowledged expertise in the field of IQF Frozen Vegetables, which has earned us opportunities for development in this fast moving business environment.

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Co: Hangzhou ZGF Group CO.,LTD





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Company Name:ZGF GROUP

Business Type: Manufacturer

Address: A1-20F, Dili Building, 471 Jincheng Road, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China

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ZGF GROUP A1-20F, Dili Building, 471 Jincheng Road, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China Self-employed

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